NEW - Intermediate Algebra

Below is a comprehensive list of links about the Intermediate Algebra course.

Table of Contents

  1. Getting Started
  2. Setting Up
  3. Course Information
  4. Course Written Guide
  5. Course Curriculum Outline
  6. Tutoring
  7. Digital Classroom
  8. Progress Reports and Pacing
  9. Troubleshooting
  10. Finishing Up


1.1 Video Guide: Student Learning Center Overview

1.2 When Can I Start the Course?

1.3 Where Do I Purchase Textbooks?

1.4 Video Guide: Parent Account Overview  / Parent Account Features (written)


2.1 System Requirements for HTML5 Courses

2.2 Video Guide: How to Run an HTML5 Course

2.3 Video Guide: How to Configure Your Browser Settings / How to Configure Your Browser Settings (written)

2.4 How to Configure Your iPad Settings


3.1 Intermediate Algebra Overview

3.2 VIDEO TUTORIAL: Using the Structural Input System


4.1 Intermediate Algebra Guide


5.1 Intermediate Algebra Outline


6.1 What is the Role of the Tutor?

6.2 Video Guide: How to Contact My Tutor / How to Contact My Tutor (written)


7.1 What Are Digital Classrooms?

7.2 Video Guide: Digital Classroom Overview

7.3 Digital Classroom Features

7.4 How to Unregister for a Digital Classroom Session

7.5 Troubleshooting Audio in a Digital Classroom


8.1 Video Guide: How to Access Student Reports / How to Access and Read Student Progress Reports (written)

8.2 Video Guide: Progress Reports What Kind of Progress Reports Are Available? (written)


9.1 Best Practices for Web Based Courses

9.2 My Course Won’t Run

9.3 What are Some General Troubleshooting Tips?

9.4 How Do I Empty My Browser Cache

9.5 Video Guide: How to Use the Support Site


10.1 How Long Does it Take to Complete a Course?

10.2 How Do I Request a Final Exam?

10.3 How Can I Get A Certificate of Completion?

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