Security Warning for Algebra, Precalculus or Grammar

Go to your Java control panel.

On Windows: go to Control Panel, adjust View By: to Large Icons from Categories if needed, then select Java.

On Mac: go to System Preferences, select Java.

Adjust your Java control panel settings.

  1. Close any open browser. Click the Java icon to open the Java control panel.
  2. Select the Security tab. Make sure your Java security setting is on High or Medium, not Very High. 
  3. Click Edit Site List... to add the following websites as security exceptions:

When you enter the first two sites, you'll get a security warning. This is normal. Click Ok to continue.

Clear the Java cache.

  1. Go to the General Tab. Click Settings... under Temporary Internet Files. Click Delete Files. Check all three options and click Delete. This clears your Java's cache.
  2. Click OK to close out of it. Restart your computer.
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