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Below is a comprehensive list of links about the Redbird Mathematics: Advanced Edition and Language Arts & Writing Independent Study courses.

Table of Contents

  1. Getting Started
  2. Setting Up
  3. Course Information
  4. Course Written Guides
  5. Course Curriculum Outlines
  6. Digital Classroom
  7. Progress Reports and Pacing
  8. Troubleshooting
  9. Finishing Up


1.1 Video Guide: Student Learning Center Overview

1.2 When Can I Start the Course?

1.3 How Do I Determine Where My Student Should Start the Course?

1.4 What is the Recommended Time a Student Should Spend on Each Course?

1.5 Video Guide: Parent Account Overview  / Parent Account Features (written)


2.1 System Requirements for HTML5 Courses

2.2 Video Guide: How to Run an HTML5 Course

2.3 Video Guide: How to Configure Your Browser Settings / How to Configure Your Browser Settings (written)

2.4 How to Configure Your iPad Settings


3.1 Language Arts & Writing

       3.1.1 Language Arts & Writing overview

       3.1.2 Language Arts & Writing Course Structure

3.2 Redbird Mathematics: Advanced Learning

       3.1.1 Redbird Mathematics: Advanced Edition overview

       3.2.2 Video Guide: Redbird Mathematics Program Structure Overview

       3.2.3 Video Guide: Redbird Mathematics Unit Pathways Overview / Redbird Mathematics Unit Pathways (written)

       3.2.4 Video Guide: Redbird Mathematics Lesson Instruction Overview

       3.2.5 Video Guide: Redbird Mathematics Lesson Items Overview

       3.2.6 Video Guide: Redbird Mathematics Games/Projects Overview / Redbird Mathematics STEM-Based Projects (written)

       3.2.7 Video Guide: Redbird Mathematics View My Progress

       3.2.8 Video Guide: Redbird Mathematics Tips for Success


4.1 Guide to Language Arts & Writing (downloadable PDF)

Language Arts and Writing provides students in grades 2-7 with multimedia instruction and regular practice in English grammar, usage, and writing as well as in literary and informational reading. The focus, coherence, and rigor of LA&W adhere to current standards of reading and writing for integrated literacy. Table of Contents

  1. Welcome
  2. Recommended Course Use
  3. Course Overview
  4. Course Components
  5. Strand Structure
  6. Adaptive Motion
  7. Formative Writing Assessment
  8. Student Experience
  9. Reporting

4.2 Guide to Redbird Mathematics: Advanced Edition (downloadable PDF)

Redbird Mathematics: Advanced Edition uniquely combines rigorous, adaptive, and personalized K-7th grade math instruction with integrated STEM themes and digital project-based learning.

Table of Contents

  1. Welcome
  2. Course Overview
  3. Unit Content
  4. Unit Structure
  5. Adaptive Motion
    1. Responsive Instructional Items
    2. Expandable Item Sets
    3. Changes in Learning Pathway
  6. Course Walkthrough
    1. Unit Introduction
    2. Unit Pathway
    3. In-depth Instruction
    4. Item Sets
    5. Help, Hints, and Feedback
    6. Games and Projects
    7. Student Progress
    8. Replay


5.1 Course Outline for Language Arts & Writing

5.2 Course Outline for Redbird Mathematics: Advanced Edition


6.1 What Are Digital Classrooms?

6.2 Video Guide: Digital Classroom Overview

6.3 How to Enroll in an Introductory Live Digital Class Session

6.4 How to Unregister for a Digital Classroom Session

6.5 Troubleshooting Audio in a Digital Classroom


7.1 Video Guide: How to Access Student Reports / How to Access and Read Student Progress Reports (written)

7.2 Language Arts & Writing Reports

7.3 Video Guide: Redbird Mathematics Reports Redbird Mathematics Reports (written)

7.4 Will Students Be Able to Change the Pacing and Grade Level of the Courseware?

7.5 Video Guide: How to Change Grade Placement / How to Adjust Grade Placement (written)

7.6 Video Tutorial: How Can I Redo Exercises?



8.1 My Course Won’t Run

8.2 What Should I Do If Sessions are Cut Short or Missing Minutes?

8.3 What are Some General Troubleshooting Tips?

8.4 How do I Empty my Browser and Java Cache

8.5 Video Guide: How to Use the Support Site


9.1 Are There End of Grade Level Exams?

9.2 How Long Will It Take to Finish the Entire Course?

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