What If I See A Konakart Error Message At Checkout?

If you see an error message Konakart storefront is unavailable while attempting to renew your student's course(s), you are most likely signed in to the student account rather than the parent account. 

  1. Mouse over the student's name at top right and click Sign Out
  2. Sign back in with your parent account username. Note: usernames cannot have special characters, so it is not your email address, but the username you chose when you created your parent account. If you cannot remember it, contact support for assistance via chat, phone, or email. 
  3. Mouse over your name at top right and select My Family
  4. Click Extend or Renew next to your desired course(s)
  5. Complete checkout

If you see an error message Konakart storefront is unavailable immediately after you created and signed in to your parent account, this is temporary and will be fixed if you sign out and then sign back in. 

As always, contact support for additional assistance.

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