How Do I Access a Course Outline?

To access an outline of the content covered in your course, head to the Course Outlines tab of your Course Details page. 


To find your Course Outline, please follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to either the parent or student's account and click the link to the Learning Center.

  2. Then click on the course image to reach the Course Details page. 

  3. The Course Outline is the first of three tabs (Course Outlines, Course Log, Reports). You can navigate grade levels using the next and previous buttons. 

    Please note: A course outline is not yet available for all courses, but they are being added as they become available. Also, if you are not yet enrolled in a course, the link to the Learning Center will not appear in your parent account, but you can access an outline for Redbird Mathematics: Advanced Edition here and an outline for Language Arts and Writing here if you need to review the content before enrolling.
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