How Can I View Language Arts and Writing Reports (old version)?

Note: The below guide is for the old version Language Arts course. If you're using the up-to-date version, see this progress reports guide.

Parents and students can view a progress summary, concept summary, and also replay sessions to see the student's responses to each exercise in the Course Details page for Language Arts and Writing.

To access the Language Arts and Writing progress and concept summaries, follow these steps:

  1. Login to your student or parent account
  2. Access the Learning Center
  3. Under the Language Arts and Writing course, click the blue Reports button in the bottom right. You can also access reports from the Course Details page as shown below. 
  4. Click on the Language Arts and Writing course image to get to the Course Details page.
  5. Click the Reports tab.
  6. Click the Concepts Summary link on the left side to see each strand (Parts of Speech, Sentence Structure, Sentence Composition, Paragraphs, Reading) with concepts taught listed under each. Concepts with which the student struggled are highlighted pink. Click any concept to view the exercise from which it stems. Please note this features requires an installed, enabled Java plugin
  7. Click the Progress Summary link on the left side to view the following:
  • Summary gives a high level overview of the student's total time spent, exercises completed, and overall percent correct. 
  • The next graph which shows the current grade placement and percent correct by strand. Grade placement will show the grade level followed by a decimal and the percent complete, so a student halfway through fifth grade will have a grade placement of 5.5.
  • The Grade Placement Trajectory charts the student's progress through grade level by strand, according to the number of sessions completed. 

To replay sessions, follow these steps: 

  1. Login to your student or parent account.
  2. Click the link to the Learning Center
  3. Click on the Language Arts and Writing course image to get to the Course Details page.
  4. Click the Course Log tab to get to a calendar showing your sessions and time spent.
  5. Click on a green, red, or yellow circle to see an overview of the student's sessions on a particular day.
  6. To replay the session, click the play button next to Replay Session.
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