Are Courses Compatible with Windows 10?


On July 29, 2015, Microsoft released versions of its new operating system, Windows 10. With the introduction of Windows 10 also came the introduction Microsoft’s default web browser, Microsoft Edge, as well as Microsoft’s continued offering of Internet Explorer 11.

All of the courses are compatible with Windows 10 with the Internet Explorer 11 browser. However, Microsoft Edge, the default browser for Windows 10, is ONLY compatible with our HTML5 based courses - Redbird Mathematics: Advanced Edition, Language Arts and Writing, Beginning Algebra and Intermediate Algebra. Below are some recommendations that yield the best customer experience and ensure optimal student outcomes:

  • To avoid technical difficulties, we recommend using one of the following web browsers:
    • Chrome 39-44
    • Firefox 35+
    • Internet Explorer 11+
  • You may also want to make your chosen browser the default browser on Windows 10 (optional). Interested in changing your default browser? This article may be of assistance to you.

For more on the System Recommendations for courses, click here.


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