How Do I Retrieve My Personal Password for My CD-Based Course?

For CD-based courses, you may have 3 different passwords, detailed below:

  1. Your Student ID, used to sign in to, is typically your initials and six numbers (example: Jane Doe's password might be jd123456), although some legacy EPGY students will have a numeric student ID, seven digits long. This is paired with your web password, which is included in your initial welcome email and can be changed under the My Profile view in the Learning Center. If you forget your password for signing in to the website, you can click Forgot Password in the Sign In area. 

  2. For any CD-based course there is a course-specific EPGYID and a ten or twelve  digit Installation Password. (This is for CD installation only and it is different for each course). You can view these credentials by logging into your Learning Center online, clicking the course image to get to the Course Details page, and clicking the CD Install tab.

  3. When a CD-based course is installed, you set a local personal password to keep your course private on your local computer. If you can't remember what was set, steps for locating that password are below.

To find your personal password set up during installation, execute the following steps:

  1. Go to Windows Search and type in Windows Explorer
  2. In the left navigation, select C:
  3. Navigate to C:\EPGY
  4. Open file "STUINI" and the notepad file will open. Look for the line within this file that says "password=...", and you will see your personal password.
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