My Algebra or Precalculus course says the plug-in is not supported

NOTE: As of March 7, 2017, Mozilla has released Firefox 52, which no longer supports Java and other NPAPI plugins other than Flash. Courses and features that rely on Java will not function with the latest Firefox browser. In November 2016, we released our Beginning and Intermediate Algebra courses in the HTML5 format, which will run in all browsers. If you are still using the Java format Algebra courses, we recommend upgrading to the HTML5 format from the My Family page of your parent account or by contacting the Customer Experience Team. To continue with full functionality in Precalculus with Trigonometry and Grammar & Style of the Sentence, please switch to either Internet Explorer or Safari. Instructions on configuring your new browser can be found here.
September 1, 2015: Google has released Chrome 45, which no longer supports Java and no longer allows the workaround described below. Eventually all users will be forced to update to Chrome 45, and any of our courses or features that rely on Java will not function in Chrome browser. To continue with full functionality, please switch to either Firefox, Safari, or Internet Explorer. Instructions on configuring your new browser can be found here.
July 30, 2015: Google has recently updated the Chrome web browser to version 42. By default, this version disables support for plug-ins like Java, Unity and Silverlight player. If you use Chrome and accept the update to their browser, you will experience difficulty accessing some of our courses that depend on plug-in technology and Oracle’s Java software.
Below are simple steps that will re-enable the plugin support and enable you to continue with your course:

1. Type chrome://flags/#enable-npapi into the address bar of your Chrome 42-44 browser.
2. Click the 'Enable' link under the Enable NPAPI section (should be at the top)
3. At the bottom of the page will be something like this: Your changes will take effect the next time you launch Google Chrome.
4. Click the 'Relaunch Now' button
5. That should enable the Java plug-in and you should be able to launch a course.

Please note: This option is not available in the recently released Chrome 45 beta, which cannot run our Java version courses.


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