What Makes Redbird Mathematics: Advanced Edition Different than Other Online Mathematics Courses?

Unlike other programs available today, Redbird Mathematics: Advanced Edition is built on a foundation of over 25 years of research by top learning scientists at Stanford University on adaptive, computer-based learning. More than 1 million students have used the EPGY courses – this is the solid foundation upon which Redbird Mathematics is based, which allows the Redbird Mathematics software to offer an unmatched level of personalization that is uniquely effective in engaging advanced learners.

Additionally, Redbird Mathematics: Advanced Edition differentiates itself from other online mathematics courses by:


  • Multiple instructional methods, including video lectures, guided explorations and digital manipulatives, ensure students build a deep understanding of core math skills.


  • More than 15,000 exercises and learning games facilitate extensive practice and application of math concepts through advanced problem solving and test preparation. 


  • STEM-based projects and career explorations address real-world challenges, allowing students to demonstrate mastery and gain practical experience with design, coding and simulation tools.
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