What Is Redbird Mathematics: Advanced Edition?

Redbird Mathematics: Advanced Edition is’s flagship mathematics digital courseware designed to meet the unique needs of advanced learners and students seeking academic excellence. Built out of Stanford University’s renowned Education Program for Gifted Youth (EPGY) – on a foundation of more than 20 years of research by leading learning scientists at Stanford University and the insights of more than 1 million student users – the advanced technology behind Redbird Mathematics: Advanced Edition offers a level of personalized learning that is uniquely effective in engaging gifted students.

Core Course Components:

Adaptive Acceleration.

  • Unlike most personalized learning technologies, the course technology supports a rapid rate of learning necessary to fully engage high-performing and high-potential learners.

Challenge and Enrichment.  

  • Acceleration alone is not enough to develop a student’s mathematical talents and instill a lifelong interest in mathematics and STEM fields. Challenge and enrichment is a critical component of mathematical mastery, for which the course presents students with complex and creative problem-solving applications.

Advanced Project-Based Learning.   

  • To further develop higher-order thinking skills and cultivate mastery of mathematical concepts, students are immersed in additional engaging real-world tasks and challenges that mimic the type of work STEM professionals do, even incorporating tools that mirror those used in STEM fields daily.

Learn more about Redbird Mathematics: Advanced Edition here

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