How Do I Create a Parent Profile for my Existing Student Account?

Step 1: Sign out of the Student account if you are signed in.

Step 2: Click Sign In, then click Create New Account.

Step 3: Fill out your information as parent, and then click Create. You will be brought to the Family Profile page.

Step 4: To add existing student(s), use the Find Existing Student tool. Enter the student’s username and password, then click Find Student.

Step 5: The student should appear when the page refreshes. Click Add.

Step 6: The page will refresh once more. The student should now appear under Existing Family Members, along with options on their course enrollment if they are enrolled. If you have additional students, repeat steps 4 and 5.

Step 7: To extend or renew a course in which the student is already enrolled, click the Extend or Renew button next to the desired course(s) under Existing Family Members. This will add the renewal to your cart. Repeat if necessary for other courses and students. To enroll in a new course, go to Courses, find your desired course, and click Enroll. You will be prompted to select the student you wish to enroll, which will add the new course enrollment to your cart.

Please review the article on parent account features for more information.

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