What Kind of Progress Reports Are Available?

Parents and students have access to a progress summary as well as a continuous snapshot of a student’s performance that displays each item and unit completed in the course.

To access the progress summary, follow these steps:

  1. Login to your student or parent account
  2. Access the Learning Center
  3. Under My Courses click on the blue Reports button at the bottom right.
  4. You can also access reports by clicking on the course image to get to the Course Details page.
  5. Click the Reports tab for a Progress Summary. You can select any date range, but it will default to the last 7 days.
  • Summary at the top shows the number of lessons completed, amount of time spent, the percentage of questions the student answered correctly on the first attempt, what lessons they worked on and whether they scored proficiently on those lessons.
  • The first graph, Pathway, illustrates the student's pace over time. You can mouse over a point on the graph to see the lesson(s) the student worked on that day and whether they were mastered (green check); failed (red x); completed but not graded, such as a project (blue check); or in progress (gray ellipsis).
  • The Time Per Week graph shows the number of minutes the student has worked each day in purple columns for a quick overview of time spent. A larger column representing total time spent that week encompasses the daily purple columns. That larger weekly column will appear red if the student completed fewer than 30 minutes, orange if the student completed between 30-60 minutes, and green if the student completed the recommended 60 minutes or more that week.
  • Finally, the Performance graph shows an overview of progress and effort on lessons the student has covered within the date range. The bar chart indicates the total number of questions across all sessions that a student has answered in a particular lesson. Dark green represents correct on first attempt, light green represents correct on second attempt, and red represents incorrect answers on the second attempt. You can also see if the lesson as a whole is considered mastered, failed, ungraded, or in progress, as well as how many lessons total in the date range were mastered, failed, ungraded, or in progress. For more detail on which questions were correct or incorrect and in what order, please refer to the Snapshot tab.

You can click the small csv button at the top of each of the above charts to export the data to a comma-separated values spreadsheet. 

At the top of the Summary chart, you'll also see a small print button which will print all the charts on the Reports page. We recommend printing to PDF so that you have a copy saved on your computer.

To access the course snapshot and replay sessions, follow these steps: 

  1. Login to your student or parent account.
  2. Click the link to the Learning Center
  3. Click on the course image to get to the Course Details page.
  4. Click the Snapshot tab to get to a calendar showing your sessions and time spent as well as an overview of past lessons.
  5. Click on a calendar date to jump to the lessons covered that day. Mouse over a calendar date to view time spent and number of questions answered. 
  6. Click the squares under the lesson titles to view the instruction/exercises and the answers the student gave.
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    What does it mean that a student gets incorrect answers on the second attempt? What does any of this mean? Why cant I download this as pdf so it can go with the "progress reports" as part of his record?

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