Parent Account Features

Sign In

To access your parent account, sign out as the student if necessary, then click Sign In at the upper right and enter your parent username and password. If you remember your username but forgot your password, click Sign In and use the Forgot Password link. If you do not remember either your username or password, please contact the Customer Experience Team.

My Profile

To access My Profile, mouse over your name at the upper right to reveal a menu. From the My Profile page you can change your name, contact information, time zone, and password. You cannot change your username.

My Family

To access My Family, mouse over your name at the upper right to reveal a menu. From the My Family page you can add students to your Family Profile and renew/extend course enrollments. You can add an existing student to your family profile and/or add a brand new student to your family profile

Under Existing Family Members, you will see your students listed along with all courses they are taking. If the course is set to renew automatically, you will see the next billing date with the option to Manage Subscription. Clicking this button reveals the options to Cancel Subscription and Update Payment Method. If the course is set to expire, you will see the expiration date and an option to Extend or Renew that course.

Order History

To access Order History, mouse over your name at the upper right to reveal a menu. From the Order History page you can view all orders that have been made from your parent account. You can view the date of the original payment, the order number, the order type (whether it was for a new course or a renewal), how much tuition you were charged (this total will include any discounts), and your payment status on the first line. The second line displays the course name, the student's name, the number of quarters, how much the course costs at full price, whether you joined the subscription program (aka automatic renewal), billing dates, and the last 4 digits of the credit card on file.
Should you need to change the card to be charged upon your next automatic renewal, you can click the Change Card button to update your payment information from this page as well.
You can also view shipping information from this page by clicking Invoice Details on the order in question. Scroll to Shipments details, and click on Track. The UPS link will have the tracking information.

Learning Center

To access the parent Learning Center, click the Learning Center link at the top center of the page. The parent Learning Center allows you to view reports for all of your students using one account. To switch between multiple students, use the tabs at the upper left. You may also receive Announcements on digital class sessions and other news. View the progress reports by clicking on the course image to reach the Course Details page. If you have a student in an independent study course, you can also adjust the grade placement from the parent Learning Center.


To access your cart, click the cart icon at the upper right next to your name. This will show you if you have anything currently in your cart awaiting checkout. If your cart is empty, you can enroll a student in a course using the Courses link at the top of every page of our website. 

If you are trying to enroll a student but you are unable to select the course, double check that the course isn't already in your cart by clicking the cart icon.

Sign Out

When you are finished in the parent account, be sure to sign out. Sign Out is the last option in the menu beneath your name.

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