What Features Does GiftedandTalented.Com Offer?

In 2013, Stanford selected Redbird Advanced Learning to modernize the technology behind EPGY and make the courses accessible to a broader set of students worldwide via was developed by a passionate team of educators, innovators and researchers who support advanced learners and those seeking academic excellence. They recognized the need for an online community where gifted and talented students and their families could learn, share ideas and resources, and tackle real world challenges.

Here are a few highlights of our service:

  • Tutor Supported and Independent Study Courses.  Whether working with the guidance of our expert tutors or independently, students benefit from personalized learning technology with unmatched flexibility through our K-12 online courses.
  • Tablet and mobile functionality. Use mobile devices to seamlessly integrate your child's learning into your lifestyle for Redbird Mathematics: Advanced Edition and Language Arts & Writing courses.
  • Challenge Zone. Fun academic games and interesting problems designed for gifted and talented students will keep your child engaged and learning.
  • Expert Picks. View curated articles, events, resources and research. Engage with gifted and talented experts and other parents on the best ways to develop advanced learners.
  • Spotlight. Celebrate the achievements of students and other members of the community.
  • Parent and Family Profiles. Parents/Guardians can create their own login details in order to create an administrative account. Through this account, you can access your advanced learner's progress reports, billing information, and other resources.

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