How Do I Troubleshoot My Audio in a Digital Classroom?'s digital classrooms allow students to interact with Stanford-trained tutors virtually. To optimize your digital classroom experience, be sure to review the system recommendations located here. If you find yourself having audio issues, execute the troubleshooting steps below.

Digital Classroom Audio Troubleshooting

Step 1: Select “Microphone”.



Step 2: Allow access to your computer’s microphone.



Step 3: Click “No” to test your speakers.

Step 4: Select “Test Speakers”.



If your speakers do not work, click on the dropdown menu to check that you are using the correct device (i.e., built-in speakers and microphone or a headset).


Step 5: Click “Next”.



Step 6: Speak a few words.


If you hear yourself, click “Yes” to begin your Digital Classroom session.

If you do not hear yourself, click “No” and retry the audio steps or contact your tutor for assistance.


Once Inside the Classroom

These are your audio tools!


Notice the check button on the microphone icon. This means that your audio is turned on and being used.


If you would like to turn the audio on or off, click the headset icon:


If you would like to mute yourself, click on the microphone icon:


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