How Do I View Student Course Log and Progress Reports?- old

Our modern course reports are somewhat different from the old description below. See a guide here.


Student reports can be accessed from the parent account created to complete enrollment and tuition payment. If you have at least one student account but you do not yet have a parent account, reference this article for instructions on how to create one and add the student(s) to your family profile. 

  1. Sign into using your Family Profile credentials
  2. Click “LEARNING CENTER”. Note:  This link will only appear when a student has an active enrollment.


Once in the Learning Center, you will see one tab for each student in your family. Under each students’ tab is a list of courses enrolled.

    3. Click the blue Reports button to access reports for a specific course.

If you click on the name of the course or the course image, you are directed to the Course Details page. The Course Log tab shows a monthly view of each session completed. Each day with a session shows a dot to indicate the length of the session. For some of our web-based courses, you can click the dot to view Individual Session Summaries for that date. You can change the month and year to explore past sessions as needed. In each summary, you can click to replay a student's session.



The second tab, Reports, typically gives two views:

  • Progress Summary gives a high level view of progress in the course. You can see grade placement along various strands related to the course material with a graph of the student’s trajectory. Please note that the first digit shows grade level and the digits following the decimal show percent complete for that grade level. For example, 7.25 will reflect a student working in seventh grade who has worked to the 25% mark in the course material for that strand. You can also see under Summary a thumbnail sketch of overall participation in the course, including the number of sessions worked, the number of minutes worked, the number of exercises, and the overall percent correct.
  • Concepts Summary shows each strand, with concepts covered so far under each strand, along with a percent correct to indicate the student’s performance. 

 Note: The percent correct does not need to be perfect in order to show proficiency as a student will often miss the first few attempts and then get several correct in a row after they understand the concept. You can click each concept to replay the exercise, which led to that percent correct, and you can enter answers and get feedback. (This feature requires Java.) The work done from this section is not recorded in the course progress and thus will not change the percent correct in the Concepts Summary page. The course’s motion will bring these concepts back around to the student to more organically test for proficiency if needed. 




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