What are's Academic and Financial Policies?


Academic and Financial Policies

Academic Performance courses are both engaging and rigorous. Our courseware requires focused effort for success. Each course has established expectations concerning communication with Tutors, when applicable, and rates of progress in the course to ensure successful completion of the course. Specific course policies and academic expectations can be reviewed in the Learning Center. offers courses at many different academic levels. It is important that Students are enrolled in courses with an appropriate level of academic challenge for their performance level. While Tutors are trained to work with Students and give them the additional support they need, if we feel that a Student is not benefiting from his or her participation in a particular course, we will recommend an alternate course. If an alternate course is not available or accepted, we reserve the right to terminate the Student's enrollment.

For purposes of this Policy, the term "Student" means any entity, educational institution, school, district, child (either directly or through the parent or legal guardian if under the age of 18), or individual who has directly purchased Services, as herein defined, for commercial or personal use.


Services offers a wide of array of products and services. These include products and services provided free of charge ("Basic Services") and products and services, including course access and instructional Tutoring Services, at a specified fee ("Premium Services" - collectively referred to as the "Services").


Tutoring Services Tutors ("Tutors") are trained to support students taking Tutor Supported Courses and using defined supplemental learning activities (Digital Classes, Academic Coaching, etc.). Tutors are not required to provide academic support that is outside of the scope of services.


Course Assignments and Examinations

Some courses have specific policies concerning assignments and examinations. Students are encouraged to review the course policies for the courses in which they are enrolled.



Grading policies vary by course. Students are encouraged to review the course policies for the courses in which they are enrolled.


Course Completion Certificates for Tutor Supported Courses

Course completion certificates are a great way to demonstrate academic knowledge of a particular course and grade level. We provide completion certificates at the end of all Tutor Supported Courses, and upon completion of a grade level for Tutor Supported Courses that contain multiple grade levels. Certificates are delivered in hardcopy via the US Postal Service as well as electronically via email. A certificate can only be requested once a course, or grade level, has been completed and approved by


Financial Policies

Tuition's Premium Services are billed on a quarterly basis (every 3 months). Quarterly tuition payments cover a three-month instructional period. If a Student finishes a course mid-quarter, the Student may continue in a new course at no additional tuition charge for the remainder of that quarter. Any applicable shipping and handling fees will be charged when the new course begins. Students who have not completed a course by the end of a quarter must pay the tuition for Premium Services for an additional quarter if they wish to continue taking the course until completion. Postponements and/or partial payments are not available.


Shipping and Handling Fee

Shipping and handling fees are charged every time a Student enrolls in a new course for which new materials must be shipped. Course materials will be received within 10 business days from date of enrollment. In the event materials are not received within 10 business days, Students should contact at 844-944-3833 or where a Customer Experience Specialist will adjust the dates of course access to accommodate any time lost.


Automated Recurring Billing Subscription Program

After purchasing courses and services, customers will be automatically billed on a quarterly basis until their subscription is suspended or cancelled. All amounts are billed in U.S. dollars at the beginning of each billing period and will appear on the credit card statements as "". Customers authorize to charge any applicable sales or use taxes on automated recurring payments. To cancel or suspend automated recurring billing, please navigate to your Family Profile and submit a cancellation request, or contact us at Cancellation requests must be submitted no less than three business days before your next billing date, and precede a confirmation email from a representative to guarantee future billings do not occur. If a subscription is cancelled, the Student will enjoy enrollment benefits and Services until the end of the Student's then-current enrollment period.


Enrollment and Final Examinations

Students must have an active enrollment in a course and have completed all assignments for the course before they will be permitted to request a final exam. Students have up to two weeks to complete the final exam once delivered. Enrollment period expiration will not affect the ability of a Student to submit their final exam for evaluation as long as the exam is returned within 2 weeks of receipt. Students will have the option to indicate whether or not they plan to enroll in a subsequent course upon final exam submission.


Refund Policy refunds may be granted in exceptional cases. A written request for a refund is required and should be sent to no later than 14 days after the date of enrollment in the course. Review of each request will be handled on a case-by-case basis. Difficulty, dissatisfaction or lack of use of a course or the Services will not be considered a valid reason for granting a refund. To complete a refund request, visit Any refunds granted will be limited to the amount paid for tuition only. Refunds are not available for shipping or cancellation fees. Any course materials provided by, including CDs, must be returned to before a refund will be processed. Once course materials are received by, any pre-approved refunds will be processed. Any refunds granted will be processed via credit to the original method of payment used to purchase the Services.


Use of Information and Data is committed to the protection of customer and Student privacy. Our collection and use of Customer and Student data is limited to the delivery of Services and in support of Student academic success. We do not disclose any information to third parties for marketing purposes. Please see's Policy for more information on data policies.


Financial Aid

We encourage all families with limited financial resources to apply for financial aid. If granted, financial aid is provided in the form of a tuition discount. To request financial aid, please contact our Customer Experience Team at or call 844-944-3833.

While most financial aid grants are provided quarterly over the course of a year, one-time grants of aid may be approved in the event of exceptional circumstances.


Third Party Contractors may contract or sub-contract with third parties to provide any or all of the Services on our behalf. The third party contractors will be bound by the same terms and conditions as (collectively "Business Partners").


Privacy Policy

Should you need a copy of our Privacy Policy at any given time, please visit our support site to review our’s Privacy Policy.


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