How Do I End A Session and Review A Student's Previous Session(s)?

Student sessions are continuously recorded by the Learning Center. We make note of every action students take providing an opportunity to review student work after the fact. Using session replay can help you or your students explore areas they may need additional practice on or to identify specific misconceptions that might have contributed to any failure to master a concept.

We update our records and the corresponding reports every 5 hours, by default. We’ve added a control to the courses that enables your student to record the results of their work immediately instead of having to wait for the report system to update.

How to End a Session?

In the upper right corner of the screen, you will see the student's name. Going to the name will reveal the option to Logout. In some older courses, and option to "End" is at the lower right corner. Logging out rather than closing the course window will trigger the service to update report information about the student behavior, making their session information available for playback within the next few minutes.

If it’s been more than five (5) hours since session completion and the session still doesn’t appear on the calendar, please submit a request to our Customer Experience team.

Additionally, if the BACK button is used from within the browser during a course session, reporting issues may occur.

How to review a session?

Sessions can be reviewed through both the parent account and student account Learning Center by clicking Reports. Modern courses have replay available through the Snapshot tab, while older courses have Course Logs.


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