How Do I Set up My iPad to Run My Courses?

Please note that right now only the Redbird Mathematics: Advanced Edition course, Language Arts & Writing, and Algebra courses are compatible on iPads using iOS 8.4.1 or better.

Here are the suggestions for setting up your iPad before using it with your course:

STEP 1: Turn on the iPad.

STEP 2: Click on the round Home button (found on short side of iPad) to access the iPad Desktop/Home.

STEP 3: Tap the "Settings" icon. It looks like a grey cogwheel.

STEP 4: In Settings, if using iOS 11 or later, tap “General”. In the right column, tap “Keyboard” and turn off “Smart Punctuation”.

STEP 5: Still in Settings, scroll down the left column and Tap “Safari.”

STEP 6: In Safari settings, scroll down the right column and set these as described:

  1. Block pop-ups” should be turned off. (it should be white, not green)
  2. Block Cookies” should be set to "Always Allow" or "Allow from Websites I Visit".
  3. Tap "Clear History and Website Data”. A new pop-up will ask, “Clear History and Data?” Cleaning will remove history, cookies, and other browsing data. Tap “Clear”.

STEP 7: Click on the round Home button (found on the short side of the iPad) to return to the iPad Desktop/Home.

STEP 8: Open Safari and login at We hope that you enjoy your courses!

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