What Are Some Best Practices for Running CD-based Courses?

We offer the following tips for success with our CD-based courses:

  • Follow the installation instructions for your course CDs.
  • Find a quiet place without distractions
  • Have a notebook and pencil handy to work out problems
  • Wear headphones when running courses
  • Schedule regular work sessions into your weekly routine. CD-based courses regularly require 10-20 hours per week to stay on the suggested course schedule.
  • File progress reports at least once a week. Your work is backed up online and also sent to your tutor for feedback and correction.
  • Send in assignments one at a time. Feedback from your tutor is needed before you attempt the next assignment, and you may need to correct the work before moving on to the next assignment.
  • Work your plan: Follow the syllabus and do the relevant readings and course engine lectures
  • Read the assignments in the texts. Take time to understand the textbook and manual readings before attempting the related assignments.
  • Don’t hesitate to ask for help from your tutor if you get stuck!
  • Our CD-based courses require a CD drive and often refer to the CDs. Some student choose to copy the CDs to their computer hard drive for convenience. See article: How Can I load my lecture CDs onto my hard drive?
  • When more than one student is running our courses on the same computer, make sure that the first student logs out before the next student runs their course.
  • Review the CD Frequently Asked Questions page for more details. 

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