What Are Some General CD-Based FAQs?

Q: What are the system recommendations to install a CD-based course?

A: All CD-based courses are designed to run on the Windows operating system. We strongly recommend using a Windows PC. To use a Macintosh, purchase and install both:

  1. Windows virtual machine (e.g. Boot Camp, Parallels Desktop, or VMWare Fusion)
  2. Windows operating system license (e.g. Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8).

Q: How do I install a CD-based course?
A: Before beginning the installation, locate course installation codes and ensure admin rights for student profile:

  1. Log into with student ID number and password. Click on the course button, then click on the "CD Install" tab to locate the EPGY ID and Installation Password. This information is required in order to install the software for the specific course. The EPGY ID and installation password will appear on the student page of the website a few days prior to the start of the course.
  2. Ensure proper access rights are granted to the student profile: During course installation, grant computer administrator rights to the student’s user profile. School computers make note: while running the course, also grant full read/write privileges in the designated location where course installation files will be saved on the hard drive, C:\EPGY directory.

To perform the installation, complete the following steps:

  1. Insert the SYSTEM CD.
  2. Browse to the CD drive and right click on the INSTALL.EXE
  3. If using Windows 7 or 8, manually change the compatibility settings by pressing and holding on or right-clicking the INSTALL.EXE program icon. Select Properties, and then select the Compatibility tab. Check the ‘Run this program in compatibility mode for’ box. Select the option, “Windows XP, Service Pack 3.”
  4. The EPGY installation wizard will prompt entry for the EPGY ID, installation password, user password of your choice, and email address. Make note: Certain courses (e.g. Algebra, Precalculus) use textbooks with multiple editions available to the students. During installation, you will need to specify your textbook edition so that the correct homework and exercises are referenced during your course.
  5. Leave all default options selected while installing the EPGY software.

Q: What should I do to run the course?

A: After installing the software, click the EPGY desktop shortcut icon (PSYCHE.EXE) or click "Start" then "All Programs" to launch EPGY from the PSYCHE.EXE icon. Enter the EPGY ID and user password to login and run the course.

If using Windows 7 or 8, manually set the PSYCHE.EXE course application to run in Compatibility Mode for “Windows XP, Service Pack 3.” Browse to C:\EPGY to locate PSYCHE.EXE and press and hold or right-click the program icon PSYCHE.EXE, tap or click Properties, and then tap or click the Compatibility tab. Select the option, “Compatibility mode for Windows XP, Service Pack 3”.

Q: When running my course, and I get the error "path name not found in registry.” What do I do?
A: The solution is to uninstall and reinstall the software. Please save the C:\EPGY\Students folder before reinstalling the software. Then, uninstall the course from the Add/Remove Programs menu. The student must manually delete the C:\EPGY folder. Shut down and restart the computer. Then reinstall the software and paste the Students folder into the C:\EPGY directory so the student can pick up where they left off.

Q: How do I successfully play the course lectures?
A: The Windows AutoPlay feature can interfere with the playing of course lectures. It is recommended that this feature is disabled or select "Take No Action" when prompted to choose an action to perform on the files contained on the CD. After logging into the software, the student will be prompted to insert a course CD (or the SYSTEM CD) to play lectures. Although the CD contains QuickTime movie files, all the lectures must be played inside the EPGY software.

Q: I keep restarting at the beginning! Why isn’t my coursework saved or recorded?

A: BROWSING mode enables the option to browse lectures and exercises out of course sequence, but will not record progress. This mode is made active by logging into the course and selecting "Browse" from the "File" menu.   If "BROWSING" appears after the lesson and exercise numbers, the mode is active. To exit the browse mode, select "File" and then "Close this lesson window”.

Q: How do I send progress reports to as required?
A: Click on ‘Report’ from the menu bar and select ‘Prepare Report.’ The Report form will open. Confirm that your email address is correct. Please note that an internet connection is required when sending reports. If your progress is not recorded on your student web page, try sending a manual report (see instructions below).

Q: My reports aren’t working. What do I do?
A: Another way to submit progress reports is by generating a manual report and uploading to the website directly. If a manual report cannot be created, you may need to completely uninstall and reinstall the course.

Uploading a Manual Report:

  1. Select "Options" and "Report Sending Options" then choose "No Internet Connection, Manual Reporting" and click "OK."
  2. Select "Report" and "Prepare Report" then "Send". A message will appear indicating that the report data was copied to the clipboard.
  3. Login to with student ID and web password
  4. Open [link] in a new window
  5. Check the box next to "EPGY ID"
  6. Select "Browse" then go to C:\EPGY\Students and double-click on EPGYID.txt
  7. Select "Send My Report"

Q: How do I reset my course location?
A: Students may need to reset their course location when working out of sequence across two systems. To change course location, click on the admin menu and reset your course location.   If you reinstall the course on a new computer, resetting the course location will restore to your last point of progress.

Q: Can I run my course on multiple computers?
A: EPGY software is designed to run on ONE computer. However, it is possible to install the EPGY software on multiple computers as long as a backup and restoral of data is completed when changing computers.

Choose from the two options to backup and restore data:

Option 1: Using the EPGY website

  1. From the computer in current use, launch the course and log in with EPGY ID and password
  2. Click ‘Options’ twice then choose ‘EPGY Website’
  3. Select ‘Backup/Restore Medium’ then click ‘OK’
  4. From newly selected computer, log in with ID and password and the course will continue from last use.

 Option 2: Using a USB Flash memory drive

  1. From computer in current use, launch the course and log in with EPGY ID and password
  2. Insert USB flash memory drive
  3. Click ‘Options’ twice then choose ‘Removable Disk’ under ‘Backup/Restore Medium’
  4. Click ‘File’ then ‘Exit’
  5. Once prompted to save a BKP file, click the arrow next to ‘Look In’ then browse to USB Flash Drive (Removable Disk) and save the file.
  6. From newly selected computer, log in to EPGY with ID and password
  7. Insert USB flash memory drive with saved BKP file
  8. Click ‘Options’ twice then choose ‘Removable Disk’ under ‘Backup/Restore Medium’
  9. Select ‘File’ then ‘Exit’
  10. Once prompted to restore a file, click the arrow next to ‘Look In’ then browse to USB Flash Drive (Removable Disk) and double click BKP file
  11. From newly selected computer, log in with ID and password and the course will continue from last use.

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