What Are Some Best Practices and Notes for the Grammar and Style of the Sentence Course?

Grammar and Style of the Sentence Specific Java Setup Notes:

Grammar & Style of the Sentence is only compatible for Windows. As of March 7, 2017, Firefox's latest version no longer allows NPAPI plugins like Java. Students must use Internet Explorer. Edge and Google Chrome are not supported as the Java plug-in will not function with these browsers either. 

STEP 1: Configure your browser settings:

a. Check your settings in Internet Explorer with the instructions linked above.

STEP 2: Verify your Java version:

a. If you pass the verify and it shows you your Java version, perfect. Go to the next step.

b. If you do not pass the verify, Java either isn't installed or isn't enabled.

c. To check if it's installed, go to your Control Panel. If View By: is set to Categories, change it to Large or Small Icons. Look for the Java icon. If it isn't there, go to (Go ahead and leave Control Panel open. We'll keep using it in future steps.)

d. If the Java icon is there, Java is installed but it may be disabled in the browser.You can find instructions for enabling Java in Internet Explorer here:

e. Once you have enabled it in the browser and restarted your computer, you should be able to pass the Java verify. If not, your Java installation may be corrupt. Go to Programs & Features and uninstall Java, then reinstall it from the link in point c.

STEP 3: Verify your Flash version:

a. If you pass the verify and Flash is working, perfect. Go to the next step.

b. If you don't pass verify, go back to your Control Panel and look for the Flash icon. (Remember, you'll need to use View By: Large or Small Icons rather than Categories.) If the icon is not there, install Flash from the link here (but uncheck the optional offer, since you don't need that extra software):

c. If the Flash icon is there, Flash is installed but may be disabled in your browser. Instructions for Internet Explorer:

d. Once you have enabled it in the browser and restarted your computer, you should be able to pass the Flash verify. If not, you may not have the right version of Flash for you browser or the installation may be corrupt. Install Flash from the browser you plan to use the course with using the link from point b.

STEP 4: Adjust your Java control panel settings.

a. Close any open browser. Go back to the Control Panel and click the Java icon to open the Java control panel.

b. Select the Security tab. Make sure your Java security setting is on High or Medium, not Very High. 

c. Click Edit Site List... to add the following websites as security exceptions:


When you enter the first two sites, you'll get a security warning. This is normal. Click Ok to continue.

d. Go to the General Tab. Click Settings... under Temporary Internet Files. Click Delete Files. Check all three options and click Delete. This clears your Java's cache.

e. Click OK to close out of it. Restart your computer.

STEP 5: Try to run your course:

a. After your computer has been restarted, sign into and try to run the course. It should open in a pop up window with a menu in red up top.

b. If your plugins are being blocked at any point, Internet Explorer will sometimes let you know about plugins (depending on the version) with a message across the bottom of the window asking if you want to enable the plugin.

c. Click Review Lessons and attempt to load the first lecture Subjects & Predicates on the resulting page. If it loads properly, go to point e. 

d. If the lecture does not load (or if you don't have the menu options), Flash is not working properly. Close the course window, and try disabling Flash hardware acceleration. Disable Flash hardware acceleration here: Quit and restart the browser. Try to run the course again; the menu options and lectures should now function.

e. Next, go to Review Lessons, Exercise: Multiple Choice. You may be prompted to Run or Allow Java, or even to Reload. You should then get the Java loading screen followed by the exercise. If it loads and you can submit an answer, your course is all set! Click View Next Lesson and get started!


POTENTIAL STEP 6: Troubleshooting by installing Java 7 instead of Java 8.

a. You can double check what Java version your computer is running using Java's verify program:

b. If you are running Java 8, you can uninstall it from your Windows PC using these instructions:

c. Once you have uninstalled Java 8, you should quit your browser, reopen, then install Java 7 on your Windows PC using these instructions:
The file is located here: 
You may need to create an Oracle account before it will allow you to download the file. In most cases, you will want the Windows x86 Offline version (which is for 32 bit browsers). Before installing Java 7, you should quit your browser.

d. After changing Java versions, check your exceptions site list and security settings, then clear your Java cache again. (Basically repeat Step 4 in its entirety.) Again, you will restart your computer.

e. Open the course again and try running an exercise. It will give you a security warning. This is normal. Click to Allow or Run. The exercise should now appear.

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