How Do I Review My Progress by Concept?

For most courses, reviewing by concept is now available through the Snapshot tab. See a guide here.

When a student logs in to, the student is logged into the Learning Center. The student’s enrolled courses will be available under My Courses. To access the course details page, simply click on the course image to the left of the course name. Some courses will list the topics a student has worked on in the course to date in a Concepts Summary.

On the course details page, click on the Reports tab, then click Concepts Summary link. The summary will:

  • Display each strand, with concepts covered so far under each strand

  • A percentage correct to indicate the student’s performance.

Please note that the percent correct does not need to be perfect in order to show proficiency, as a student will often miss the first few attempts and then get several in a row correct after they understand the concept.

A student can click each concept to view a replay of the exercise that will allow the student to enter answers and receive feedback. (This review feature requires Java to run.) Work done from this section is not recorded in the course progress and thus will not change the percent correct in the Concepts Summary page.

The course’s motion will bring these concepts back around to the student to more organically test for proficiency if needed.

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