What Are the Benefits of Independent Study Courses?

For students enrolled in Independent Study (IS) courses, support with their coursework is provided by their parents and/or educators who choose to serve in a tutor capacity. The course software continually assesses student progress and provides data-driven reports to assist parents with quickly identifying areas of challenge for their student. offered courses use a combination of multimedia instruction and automated assessment of student work to provide students with a highly-individualized, self-paced educational experience. Content is differentiated and appropriate for varying levels of student achievement, ensuring that all students remain fully engaged during the learning process. Students with gaps in their prerequisite knowledge receive specific instruction designed to address these shortcomings, while those who readily master a skill move quickly to the next concept. The result is instructional software that accelerates learning and enhances student achievement.

Course Enrollment

Refer to How To Enroll  when completing your IS course enrollment.

 Ready to begin? Check out When Can I Start The Course?

Technical Support

Technical support for IS courses is provided by the Customer Experience Team.

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