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July 9th, 2014

On July 30th, EPGY’s new home will be

As we look to launch the next generation website for EPGY, we’ve had a few questions about the move from to We hope our EPGY families are as excited as we are about the evolution of EPGY’s services to bring them new technology, great course content, and new community features all while retaining the rigor and research of our continued efforts with Stanford University. Here are a few questions and answers to help you along the way. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my student’s login details change when the website changes from EPGY to

No.  We want to make it as easy as possible for students to access the new and improved site – so they can use the same EPGY login details they have been using.  Students will be able to log into courses directly from the homepage. will allow parents/guardians to create their own login details in order to create an administrative account providing access to new student progress reports, billing information, and other resources. As always, you can contact our customer service team for support at (650) 721-9311.  


Is Stanford University still behind the EPGY courses?  What about courses that will be offered on in the future?

Yes.  Stanford University developed the EPGY courses and will continue to support them via continuing research based at the university. Last year Stanford selected Redbird Advanced Learning to co-develop and offer the next generation of EPGY; this work has led to the creation of  There are several new and exciting research projects at Stanford aimed at providing continuous innovation and enhancements to the offerings of In addition to upgrading the current EPGY courses, our research teams are hard at work developing new courses at Stanford that will be offered on


Why change from the current Stanford University EPGY site to

We heard from both parents and students that although they were very pleased with the academic benefits of EPGY, they wanted upgraded technology, even more engaging interfaces, and better communication. has been designed to address each of these needs and also provide a single place to find research, news, events, and an online community dedicated to the needs of advanced learners and their families.  Over time, we will expand this portal with a variety of content and functionality based on your input. On July 30th we will launch with:

  • Mobile and tablet functionality. Take the EPGY K-7 Mathematics and Language Arts & Writing courses with you wherever you go on your favorite device.

  • Challenge Zone. An area for students to play fun learning games and solve interesting problems specifically created for gifted and talented learners.

  • Expertly curated articles, research and events. Engage with a community dedicated to developing advanced students.

  • Spotlight. We will profile students and their amazing achievements.


What is changing?

We are adjusting how we bundle our offerings to make them more flexible. Both Instructor Guided and Open Enrollment Courses will be available on, though the nomenclature will be slightly different:

  • Instructor Guided Courses will be known as Tutor Supported Courses.  Though the name is changing, the instructors are not.  Your student will have the same tutor that currently supports their education.

  • Open Enrollment will be known as Independent Study.  And, you can now enroll your student in just one course at a time if you prefer or continue to enroll her/him in a bundled Mathematics and Language Arts & Writing selection including a volume discount.

  • We will be providing the convenience of subscription payment for all courses.  


For Tutor Supported Courses, will my student be able to keep his or her current instructor?

Yes, absolutely. We understand that each student forms a unique bond and rapport with his or her tutor – this is an important part of the learning process. We will not be making any changes to student-tutor relationships (unless one is requested).


Will the creation of include an increase in price for EPGY courses?

We have adjusted how we bundle our courses to make our options more flexible to parents and students’ needs.  Because the course structure is changing, our pricing structure is also changing.  We are no longer charging activation fees as of July 30 with the launch of the new site, so most customers will see their costs go down. This change will lead to a reduction in the price of all Tutor Supported courses. There may be limited cases when Open Enrollment customers who purchase multiple courses may see a price increase.

Additionally, we will be offering a limited time 10% discount for enrollment in the new subscription payment program once launched on July 30 at

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