How Do I Create a New Parent and Student Profile?

Steps to Complete Parent Profile, Create Student Profile and Enroll

Step 1: Click Sign In button (upper right-hand corner)

Step 2: Click “Create New Account” button (lower left-hand corner)

Step 3: Complete profile with parent info (not student!) and click “Create New Account” button (lower right-hand corner)

Step 4: Once the parent account is created, sign in using the newly created account. Your Family Profile will be displayed.

Step 5: From the courses page, click on the course you are interested in and click “enroll”

Step 6: From the pop-up, if your child does not have an existing student account and you would like to add a new student to your family profile, click on “add Students to Family Profile.”

Note: If your child already has a student account, use the "Find Existing Student" option.

Step 7: Add Student to Profile by completing the form.



Step 8: After confirming that student has been added to family account, find your desired course from the masthead.


Step 9: Go to the course you wish to enroll in and click “Enroll”.

Step 10: From the pop-up, click the student box to select the student for enrollment. Then choose the “Enroll Selected Students” button.

Step 11: Follow remaining check-out screens to complete enrollment. The customer will receive a confirmation receipt email as well as a Welcome email with the student’s ID, set up information, and Tutor (when choosing a Tutor Supported course).

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