How Can I Load My Lecture CDs onto My Hard Drive?

A CD drive is required for CD-based course installation. If you do not have an internal CD drive, you can network share another computer’s drive or you can use a USB external CD drive. Load the Course CD's and the "qtime" folder from the System CD onto the Hard Drive of your computer as follows. In this example, we will cover the installation of Introductory Physics A which has three course discs.

STEP 1: Create a new directory on your internal hard drive that reflects the name of your course. In this case, the Course Folder will be called "C:\Physics" for the Introductory Physics A course.

STEP 2: Copy the entire contents from each of the CD's for your course from your CD drive (D:\xxxx) into the "C:\PhysicsA" folder you created

STEP 3: Copy the folder "qtime" from the system CD into the folder.

STEP 4: Edit the "epgyadv.ini" file in the C:\EPGY folder. Change the line that says "audio=d:\" to "audio=C:\(folder name of the CD ROM contents)\" It should now say: "audio=c:\PhysicsA\". Save the "epgyadv.ini" folder with the changes, and now attempt to run the course.

NOTE: If you don't add the "qtime" folder from the System Disk to the C:\PhysicsA folder, you will get the (very long) error message, "EPGY program is preparing to play back the following file qtime\ Apparently, your CD-ROM drive letter has changed. Please confirm the new CD_ROM drive letter or directory. Previous CD-ROM drive c:\PhysicsA Current CD_ROM Drive d:\"

The above error message is related to the fact that there are two types of movie files on the System CD: “Introductory” files and "How to" files. You will need to copy the folder "qtime" from the System CD into the c:\PhysicsA folder to view these movie files.

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