What Should I Do If Sessions Are Cut Short or Missing Minutes?

Common reasons and solutions for short sessions or missing session minutes are listed below:

1. Cause: Student clicks "Run Course" more than once, opening multiple session windows and only one session may be reported properly.

Solution: Make sure that only one session is open at a time in the browser.

2. Cause: Student receives a message while working on the course that session data may not be recording, typically a result of having sessions open on multiple devices.

Solution: Make sure that only one session is open. If you continue to receive this error, clear your browser's cache.

3. Cause: Student played multi-level games such as MathsCar for the entire session.

Solution: Quit and restart the browser to reset the session minutes.

4. Cause: Student closed course window without logging out properly, resulting in that session not showing on reports.

Solution: The session data should appear on the reports when you run the next session. To ensure that data is reflected as quickly as possible, be sure to click Logout from the menu at the upper right of most courses rather than closing the course window.

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