What Should I Do If Sessions Are Cut Short or Missing Minutes?

Common reasons and solutions for short sessions or missing session minutes are listed below:

1. Cause: Student clicks "Run Course" more than once, opening multiple session windows and only one session may be reported properly.

Solution: Make sure that only one session is open at a time in the browser.

2. Cause: Using Mathematics or Language Arts & Writing, student did not end the session using the "End" session button at the bottom left of the session window, cutting short the reported data to the server.

Solution: To end sessions properly, please close any sessions either by letting them time out, or by using the “End” session button.

3. Cause: Student ran math races for the entire session of Mathematics.
Solution: Quit and restart the browser to reset the session minutes.

Keywords: short sessions, session minutes, ended prematurely, troubleshooting

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