Learning Center Overview

Once a student signs in to, they are in the Learning Center, where they can access their courses and other important resources. There are a few important sections to note:

The Digital Classroom section displays digital events and important dates. From here, you can register for an upcoming digital classroom event, schedule a conference with a tutor, plus more.

Resources section, located in the bottom left section, offers links to provide feedback, access our comprehensive support page, modify user settings, and review video tutorials.

My Courses section, located on the right, contains a list of the student's enrolled courses. Important course tools and information is available for each course according to the course type (Tutor Supported, Independent Study and CD-based).


  • CD-based Tutor Supported Courses: displays course name, tutor name, message tutor icon and Digital Classroom Events. Click on the course image to access CD installation instructions and other important resources.

  • Independent Study Courses: displays the course name and the Run Course link to launch the course.

  • Web-based Tutor Supported Courses: displays course name, Run Course link to launch course, tutor name, and message tutor icon.

Course Details Page: For all courses, clicking the course image will navigate a student to the course details where the student can access essential course information, such as user manuals, course policies, suggested timelines, progress reports, course logs, and the tutor's contact information (if applicable). There is also a Run Course link on this page.

Navigation Buttons: Located on the top right corner of the screen are the home, announcements, and messaging buttons. Clicking the home button will bring the student back to the My Courses page.

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