How Do I Send A Message To My Tutor?

When a student logs into, he/she is directed to the Learning Center. The student’s enrolled courses will be available under the My Courses section. The name of each tutor assigned to courses enrolled will be displayed, and next to the tutor name will be a message icon (envelope). Clicking the icon will open a message that is addressed to the tutor.


Students will also find the message tutor icon next to the tutor’s name in the Course Details section. Finally, students can both send and receive messages in the Messages center by clicking the open envelope button at the top right of every page.

To view responses from the tutor, go to the Messages center at the top right of the Learning Center page. The number of unread messages in your inbox will be displayed on the corner of the open envelope button. Click the button to view your Inbox, Sent Messages, and more.

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