How Do I Review My Course Log (i.e. Session Calendar)?

For most courses, the session calendar is now available through the Snapshot tab. See a guide here.

When a student logs in to, the student is logged into the Learning Center. The student’s enrolled courses will be available under My Courses. To access the course details page, simply click on the course image to the left of the course name.

The course details page will display the course appropriate tools in tabs across the screen. Tool availability is determined by whether the course is Tutor Supported, Independent Study, web or CD-based. Clicking on the Course Log tab will display a calendar that reflects the student's sessions on a monthly basis.  Key features of the calendar include:

  • A color-coded circle that reflects the length of the session in minutes for each calendar day that a session was run

  • Daily number of sessions run

  • Combined length of the sessions

  • Average percentage correct

  • Ability to view a class report for that selected day by clicking on the color-coded circle

  • Session replay to view student's responses

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