Which Courses Are Tutor Supported and What Are the Prerequisites for Them?

K-7 Courses

These courses are entirely web-based, with no textbooks required. We recommend students begin math courses at their current grade level to avoid knowledge gaps. 

Note: Language Arts & Writing has an initial placement test built into the beginning of the course.


Redbird Mathematics: Advanced Edition
Language Arts & Writing


Secondary Level Courses

Secondary level courses are listed below and include both web and CD-based courses. Click the link to view more about the course and its prerequisites. Most secondary level courses have a textbook that must be acquired separately from the enrollment process.

Web-based Courses

Beginning Algebra
Intermediate Algebra
Pre-Calculus with Trigonometry
Grammar and Style of the Sentence

CD-based Courses

Geometry: Intro to Proofs
Introductory Physics
Electricity and Magnetism
Introduction to C Programming
Programming in C: Algorithms and Techniques
Compound Data Types and Advanced Topics in C
Introductory Java


Learn more about running CD-based courses here.

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