Which Courses Use CDs?

All K-7th grade courses, Beginning Algebra, Intermediate Algebra, Precalculus, and Grammar and Style of the Sentence are 100% web-based.

However, some of our Secondary Level Courses, such as Geometry, Calculus, Physics, and Computer Programming, are CD-based. Although CD-based courses are run using software located on a student's computer local hard drive, course progress is uploaded regularly to the assigned tutor as the tutor will monitor and provide feedback on student performance.

We offer the following tips for success with our CD-based courses:

  • When enrolling in a CD-based course, account for up to 7-10 calendar days before a student can begin the course as processing and shipment of the course CD's are required
  • Review the system requirements to ensure the computer designated to run the course meets the specifications. Special Note: CD-based courses require a Windows operating system and will not run on the native configuration of an Apple Mac computer, unless a virtual machine, i.e. VMware, is installed.
  • In order to complete the installation of course CD's, administrative rights to install software on the computer in use are required
  • A student will receive the required installation credentials specific to the course once enrollment and tuition are processed


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