What Are the Benefits of Tutor Supported Courses?

Our Tutor Supported (TS) courses are comprehensive programs for advanced learners aspiring to reach their full potential. What makes these courses truly exceptional for students is the personalized support provided by dedicated tutors. Our expert tutors help each student navigate their course and fulfill their academic potential. Influencing the pace of K-9 students at the appropriate level in their coursework is just one of the many facets of guidance provided by tutors.

Core features for all Tutor Supported Courses

Expert Tutors

Meet our tutors here to learn more about how they:

  • Offer support by phone, through email, and in the virtual classroom environment.

  • Monitor student progress, review student assignments, and help identify and address individual student difficulties.

  • Possess dedication and experience conducting distance learning, with deep subject matter knowledge.

Personalized Instruction

Our patent-pending motion engine includes personalized instruction through computer–based learning.

  • Students receive immediate feedback based on their answers.

  • Courseware instruction ranges from simple multiple-choice questions to more advanced exercises.

  • Students may also have more traditional supplemental assignments that they submit electronically.

Multimedia Environment & Digital Classes

Brief 1-5 minute instruction at the beginning of each lesson captures the informal nature of classroom instruction while preserving a level of rigor appropriate to the subject matter.

  • Real-time virtual classroom sessions allow student and tutor interaction.

  • Voice and shared whiteboard conferencing facilitate communication.

  • Animated videos keep students engaged and responsive.

Technical support

Technical support for TS courses is provided by the Customer Experience Team.

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