What Is The Difference Between Tutor Supported And Independent Study Courses?

Our courses are self-paced, so students receive instruction and work independently according to their own schedule. If support or additional instruction is needed, parents of students in independent study courses can review progress and provide direct support.

Students in tutor supported courses have a dedicated tutor who monitors their progress and can be reached via phone or email if they have questions. If their tutor is not immediately available, they can reach a different tutor Monday-Friday, 9am-6pm Pacific, by calling our tutor hotline.

Tutors conduct welcome orientation sessions and end of quarter conferences that are open to both parents and students. Additionally, students can schedule up to one 30-minute individual tutoring session per week. These sessions are held in a blackboard/video/audio/screensharing-enabled digital classroom environment.

Tutor Supported students also have access to register for live digital exploration classes where they can interact with other students and the tutor about an enriching topic in math, science or language arts. If they are unable to attend, they can still register and watch a recording of the class. Students in independent study courses can attend one of these sessions per quarter, as an introduction to them.

Finally, tutor supported students receive a certificate of completion when they successfully complete a grade level.

There is a table outlining the differences on the Courses page that shows a side-by-side comparison here.


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