Getting Started: An Orientation

Once you've enrolled in courses, your accounts are ready to go! Read on or watch this short video for a quick orientation.



In your parent account, which you used to enroll, you can click the Learning Center button to view progress reports, adjust grade level, communicate with the tutor (for tutor supported students), or register for digital classes (if applicable) for any of your students. On the My Family page, which can be reached by mousing over your name at top right, you can find the student IDs and set the student passwords by clicking their names. This is also where you will manage subscriptions.

To get started on the coursework, mouse over your name to sign out of the parent account and sign in with the student's ID and password. The page will default to the student Learning Center. Make sure you've configured your browser or iPad with the instructions in your Getting Started email, and then click the blue Run Course button. 

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